ClickHOST is against SOPA and PIPA


OK, it seems as if at least the first round of this fight is over. ClickHOST has been against the SOPA and PIPA bills since we realized the potential onerous effects of these laws on the Internet, Freedom of speech and our own business. Please remember that is a very small company compared to Google, godaddy, Linkedin, Wikipedia, etc. and we don’t have the lawyers to study the legislation and response to it like the big guys do.

We really like the full page article in the NY Times and we agree with this: Internet giants against SOPA

If you want to learn more about the proposed bills, then here are a few good links:

If you feel like you need to support SOPA then here is our “Top 10 reasons to support SOPA”

  1. You misread and thought it said: don’t support SOFA. You like sofas.
  2. You live in the woods and don’t use the Internet.
  3. You’re a politician and thought this would be an easy way to garner votes.
  4. You are godaddy.
  5. You think you are “Al Gore” and you invented the Internet.
  6. You like to take a bath and thought it said “support SOAP”
  7. You have an idea to develop software that you can sell to companies to monitor their SOPA compliance.
  8. You like to see black boxes all over the Internet.
  9. You hate Google and want them to blackout for 24 hours.
  10. We couldn’t think of another reason? Can you?
The idea behind SOPA and PIPA, to stop online piracy, is very noble, however these bills are a very bad way to address them.
Please help stop SOPA and PIPA!

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