Comparing and Choosing Hosting

Comparing Hosts

Develop your own personalized process for selecting and comparing web hosting companies. Are you familiar with the Paradox of choice? That’s a concept developed by the psychologist Barry Schwartz.   He believes that if we have more choices, that does not make us freer but in fact can lead to paralysis. Perhaps the best example of this is when you are trying to decide which web hosting service you might use. When comparing and choosing online, you have a large number of potential suppliers since you are not limited by geography. On top of this, there are a large number of […]

When You’re Up, You’re Up

Uptime: man on stilts statue

We probably all remember the grand old Duke of York, who had 10,000 men. It must’ve been quite a sight as he marched them up the hill. You certainly wouldn’t miss that. When it comes to your website, it’s quite a different situation. Remember that saying about whether anyone hears the tree that falls in the forest. If your website suddenly stops being available to visitors, does anyone become aware of that very quickly? Has that happened to you already? It’s quite a worry. People who would like to buy from you cannot access your website. How can you avoid […]

What Positionly Can Do for Your Business

Positionly Logo

Positionly is SEO software that can do some very specific things for your business. The program is designed as a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. One thing I like about Positionly off the bat is that they are not trying to be another bloated sophisticated-sounding geek tool that you can brag about at SEO conference parties. Positionly is not designed to take the place of your in-house SEO or professional agency. Positionly unapologetically describes their audience as “non-technical people, who know nothing or very little about SEO.” Or as Carel Bekker, owner of ClickHOST put it when he […]

8 Reasons Hosting Matters More in 2014…

Parachuting Server

Now where did I host that site? You may have signed up for hosting on the fly when you purchased your domain. Or forgotten exactly who you hosted with. Or like most people your thoughts and fantasies during the day don’t usually encompass your hosting company. Are you host aware?  Some business owners and bloggers go through their digital lives without paying respects to the unseen force behind their precious online assets. Like electrical power, the temptation is to take it for granted. But with hosting, the lights may not always come back on when you flick the switch after […]

Enabling CloudFlare for Security and Speed

CloudFlare Certified Partner

ClickHOST is now a CloudFlare Certified Partner and offers the basic free CloudFlare service to all customers! The CloudFlare content delivery network takes advantage of recent changes to hardware, server technology and network routing to deliver an easy-to-set-up,  affordable and high-performance CDN that reduces hops and lowers latency for visitors to your website.  CloudFlare’s popularity is undisputed as they claim over 25% of the Internet’s population regularly passes through their network. CloudFlare essentially does two things for ClickHOST customers: Makes your website more secure Makes your website faster Once you activate CloudFlare in your ClickHOST account, your website becomes even […]

3 Must-have SEO Keyword Research Tools


Recently I wrote about my top 3 onsite SEO ranking factors to help get your site in shape to receive traffic from Google. But, what good are title tags, page copy and internal linking if you don’t target the right keywords on your site? Often, the words you think people search for to find your site are not the ones they actually use. For example, in the case of ClickHOST, one might search for website related terms or WordPress related terms instead of hosting terms. There are tons of SEO tools out there to help you find the right words […]

My Top 3 Onsite SEO Ranking Factors

Road Signs with 3 Ranking Factors

Make a wish. If you could change just three things on your site to boost SEO performance, what would they be? SEO professionals like to divide their optimization efforts into onsite and offsite: anything you can do to your website (tags, text, redirects, etc.) vs. what you can do elsewhere (link building, social media, etc.). Google says it puts over 200 ranking signals to use in determining which sites should appear in search results. If you visit popular SEO forums, you will see threads ablaze with arguments over which ranking factors are important. Such is the subjective nature of search […]

Steps to Move your website to


Moving your website is easy, but sometimes there can be unwanted downtime in the move. These steps should provide you with a guide for how to move your site without experiencing any downtime. Steps: Sign up for the hosting package you would like, you should receive a confirmation email and then later a setup email with your account details. Once you have the setup email, FTP to your site on ClickHOST with the provided login information and use the IP as the server: Upload all of your site files to the /web directory. Log into your site’s cpanel through the […]