Security Risk! Multiple Web Sites on One Hosting Account


Multiple websites on one hosting account can be a security risk I wanted to bring to light a security risk that you may be taking and not even know it…having multiple websites on one hosting account. What is the big deal? Now, you may be wondering–what is the big deal?  I can have unlimited domains under my ClickHOST BETTER Hosting Plan.  And, you can…but, what generally happens is you have one “good” site that represents your business.  This site drives traffic to your on-line presence.   You love and care for this site; it is your baby.  Then you add another […]

10 Easy Tips to Generate more Business from your Website

10 tips

What can I do to generate more business from my website? Customers ask us all the time, “What are some easy things I can do on my website to generate more business?”  So in response to popular demand, here are our Top 10 Recommendations for generating more business from your website: 1.  Placement of Your Phone number – Move it to the right-hand corner of your website header. And, make it Click-to-Call for smart phones. Most visitors to your website are only interested in finding you phone number. If they don’t find it prominently displayed on your homepage, they’ll just click […]

Why Update WordPress?

WordPress login

We all have maintenance items that we put off.  Like getting a physical, changing the oil in your car, or updating your website’s theme.  You know these are important things to do.  But, they are not fun, take time out of our schedule, or seem like daunting tasks to do yourself. But, ask yourself… “When was the last time I did a backup for my website?” When was the last time I updated my WordPress, my Theme, or my plugins? Can you remember?  If not, you might need some help!   Why is it important to update WordPress? Like any […]

Do I need an SSL certificate on my website?


In our world of online shopping, online invoicing, membership logins and unscrupulous hackers, having a SSL certificate for your site is more important than ever!   As your customer’s sensitive information is passed over the World Wide Web, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates provide a visual indicator that your website is legitimate and secure. How do SSLs work? SSL Certificates encrypt sensitive information sent over the Internet ensuring its receipt to the correct destination server.   As usernames, passwords, credit card numbers or other confidential information is passed online, the information becomes readable making it easy for identity thieves or other hackers […]

Supercharge Your Site with Jetpack

Jetpack WordPress Plugin Logo

Supercharge Your Site with Jetpack: The 5 Features You Should Be Using The Jetpack plugin for your WordPress site is a must-have if you’re interested in getting the most out of your site. You can do anything from publish new posts on social media to optimizing your images by serving them from’s servers. Let’s take a look at five of the most popular features you should be using. 1. Photon Photon is Jetpack’s image caching module. In essence, any images that are inserted into posts or pages on your site are automatically uploaded and served from’s servers instead […]

Comparing and Choosing Hosting

Comparing Hosts

Develop your own personalized process for selecting and comparing web hosting companies. Are you familiar with the Paradox of choice? That’s a concept developed by the psychologist Barry Schwartz.   He believes that if we have more choices, that does not make us freer but in fact can lead to paralysis. Perhaps the best example of this is when you are trying to decide which web hosting service you might use. When comparing and choosing online, you have a large number of potential suppliers since you are not limited by geography. On top of this, there are a large number of […]

When You’re Up, You’re Up

Uptime: man on stilts statue

We probably all remember the grand old Duke of York, who had 10,000 men. It must’ve been quite a sight as he marched them up the hill. You certainly wouldn’t miss that. When it comes to your website, it’s quite a different situation. Remember that saying about whether anyone hears the tree that falls in the forest. If your website suddenly stops being available to visitors, does anyone become aware of that very quickly? Has that happened to you already? It’s quite a worry. People who would like to buy from you cannot access your website. How can you avoid […]

Is your Website Mobile-friendly for Google?


Google recently announced that on April 21, 2015, they will be launching a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that will impact Google’s search results on websites that are seen as not mobile-friendly, thus dramatically affecting the rankings these sites receive for smartphone users. Today, more than ever, potential customers are searching for your business from their smartphone.  According to Google, 95% of smartphone owners use their smartphone to search for local businesses and about 50% of all searches done on Google are done on a mobile device. Currently, Google penalizes rankings for sites that provide a bad user-experience to mobile searchers giving them […]

It’s time to learn WordPress

WordCamp Atlanta 2015

This will be the fourth year in a row that we will be at WordCamp in Atlanta! WordCamp attracts WordPress enthusiasts with very diverse backgrounds and experience levels. Like last year we expect over 450 attendees over 3 days at the Loudermilk Conference Center in downtown Atlanta. Tickets go on sale at 10am ET, February 26th, 2015 and they usually go quick! Click here to buy your ticket. Come and learn from WordPress gurus and newbies from all over the world. It will be 3 days of networking, learning and sharing. If you didn’t get a ticket then ask on Twitter using […]

Competitive Analysis From The SEO Perspective


The term “SEO” is as old as Internet… well maybe not the Internet, but at least as search engines. It has been around for a while and it might sound a bit outdated, but nevertheless it’s a backbone of every inbound marketing campaign and one of the main traffic drivers of the biggest online brands. Speaking about the big players – if they’re using SEO, why shouldn’t you as well? If you’d like to be the first one in your niche (and it’s never too late to do so), check out these handy tips below. Competitive Rankings The first way […]