How To Use SEO To Make Your Online Business Successful


The beauty of a small business, is that the owner is involved in every aspect of the entrepreneurial life that’s going on inside the company. He or she is often a superhero who is in charge of marketing, sales, customer support, PR, HR and advertising activities – not one at a time, but simultaneously. It’s true that every kind of entrepreneurship is a full-time job, but in smaller ventures, you can get a bit overwhelmed by the amount of important tasks that need to completed to make the business exist and bring profit. With online ventures there is one extra […]

Faster & more reliable web hosting is here!


We’ve been working hard on upgrading our server infrastructure over the last few months to provide you the best, fastest, and most secure hosting environment. As a part of these improvements, we are moving to a new Data Center. We have already started moving some servers, and we will be completing the move over the next few weekends! What does this mean to me? Be on the lookout for email announcements from ClickHOST. We will be sending communications to each account on the scheduled server before migration begins. Migrations will take place over the weekend to minimize impact to your operations. […]

What Positionly Can Do for Your Business

Positionly Logo

Positionly is SEO software that can do some very specific things for your business. The program is designed as a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. One thing I like about Positionly off the bat is that they are not trying to be another bloated sophisticated-sounding geek tool that you can brag about at SEO conference parties. Positionly is not designed to take the place of your in-house SEO or professional agency. Positionly unapologetically describes their audience as “non-technical people, who know nothing or very little about SEO.” Or as Carel Bekker, owner of ClickHOST put it when he […]

Why do I need a Backup of my Website?

Should I backup my website?

Your new website is live!  You are going in making blog posts, updating and moving site content, and OOPS!   You have accidentally erased a file or changed something you can’t figure out how to change back.  No worries, you have a copy of your site files, right? Website backups are an essential part of owning and maintaining a website. It is the site owner’s responsibility to keep a recent backup of your site files in case the unforeseen happens and restoration is required.  Having a copy of your site files on your own computer can be very useful in case […]

Why Securing Your Passwords Saves Lives

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Have you ever heard of the saying “Loose Lips Sink Ships”? If you’re from the Greatest Generation then you definitely know how important this is! If you’re a younger generation, the meaning behind the phrase originated in WWII. It was prevalent on propaganda posters urging Americans to be careful about what they say because sensitive information could cause great harm to our soldiers’ lives. The reality was that when it comes to security, you could never be too safe. This analogy applies to your online presence today. Security of your online accounts is absolutely critical and it’s the reason I am diverting […]

3 Non-Negotiable Elements for Small Business SEO Success

3 Non-Negotiable Elements for Small Business SEO Success

What activities bring website traffic and leads to your website? Email marketing? Social media? Referral traffic? Directory listings? Would search engine optimization (SEO) be one of those activities? If the answer is “I WISH!,” know you’re not alone. SEO is one of the most coveted, yet most elusive, ways to bring in qualified traffic and visitors to your site. The problem is, it’s often pretty confusing to implement due to misinformation, myths, and misunderstandings that run rampant. However, all hope is not lost. 3 Core SEO Elements to Success As a former-freelance copywriter-turned-SEO-Consultant, I empathize. While SEO woes cannot be […]

Designing a Killer Mobile Website


Mobile websites are essential to the success of your online future. We know that mobile usage is increasing and that this trend is not going to go away. You also realize that you must consider your audience and what they define as a great user experience, because if you don’t, you’re only creating a website for you and that’s not in your best interest. Once you understand that you need to invest in making your website mobile friendly and you’ve planned out what your website visitor needs to experience, it’s time to design that killer mobile website that engages AND […]

Creating a Killer Mobile Website Experience

Killer Mobile Website

Last week we talked about why your website must be mobile friendly and the importance of offering a great online brand experience. Now that we’ve discussed the reasons why your business needs to adapt to the web and the various browsers we conduct our searches on, it’s time to provide you with advice on how to make your website mobile friendly and how to get the most ROI from your investment. Ready? Creating a killer mobile website experience. The first thing you need to know about creating a killer mobile website experience is that it’s all about the design. While […]

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly

It should go without saying that the web changed the world. We can surf the web for pleasure or business 24/7. We can get anything we desire with the click of a button. We can build relationships with the person next door or with someone 5,000 miles away without ever leaving our home. We can research our ailments on WebMD, play video games with friends in another state, or watch current events unfold as they happen. The possibilities are endless! I think it’s pretty cool what we can do these days via the web. What amazes me more is that […]

Why is my IP Blocked?!

Oops My IP is blocked

If you have a website or email through a hosting provider, chances are you will or have received an IP Address Block.  While this may seem annoying at the time, this is really implemented for your online protection and security. ClickHOST uses IP address blocks on the web server firewall to prevent hacking, spamming or other attacks on your hosting account and other services.   There are several reasons why your IP could be getting blocked, like if we see large volumes of emails sending or receiving from your account, or we find malware on your site or other untrusted activity. […]