Comparing and Choosing Hosting

Comparing Hosts

Develop your own personalized process for selecting and comparing web hosting companies. Are you familiar with the Paradox of choice? That’s a concept developed by the psychologist Barry Schwartz.   He believes that if we have more choices, that does not make us freer but in fact can lead to paralysis. Perhaps the best example of this is when you are trying to decide which web hosting service you might use. When comparing and choosing online, you have a large number of potential suppliers since you are not limited by geography. On top of this, there are a large number of […]

Competitive Analysis From The SEO Perspective


The term “SEO” is as old as Internet… well maybe not the Internet, but at least as search engines. It has been around for a while and it might sound a bit outdated, but nevertheless it’s a backbone of every inbound marketing campaign and one of the main traffic drivers of the biggest online brands. Speaking about the big players – if they’re using SEO, why shouldn’t you as well? If you’d like to be the first one in your niche (and it’s never too late to do so), check out these handy tips below. Competitive Rankings The first way […]

How to Analyze Backlinks The Right Way


So you’ve created your shiny new website, optimized it with keywords and you’re waiting for Google to let the traffic in. Well, if you look at your analytics account probably you’ll notice that the traffic spikes aren’t as impressive as expected. To make the content work for itself you need backlinks. Have you ever wondered why you see particular results in search engines for your query? Results that appear there aren’t accidental. Thanks to backlinks search engines can determine the popularity of your website. Think about it as casting votes. The more votes your website receives, the more popular it […]

What Makes Great Websites Great

What Makes a Great Website Great

Many business owners have long wondered whether a website is really worth their investment, and if so, what their return on investment will be. This is completely understandable because launching a new website or redesigning one can be an arduous task and very expensive. After all, if you’re going to spend thousands of dollars, shouldn’t there be a reasonable expectation that you will generate it back? The honest answer is it depends. Generating a return on investment when it comes to website design and development is based on many factors, but the truth is that if you have a great […]

How to order a ClickHOST hosting account

ClickHOST Hosting plans

It may seem obvious to geeks, but the typical business owner may need to see for themselves exactly how you sign up for your web hosting account at ClickHOST. Yes it’s easy, but Stefan makes it even easier by showing you exactly what screens to click on throughout the process. In this step-by-step video Stefan will show you exactly how to order a hosting account from ClickHOST. The video includes information on ordering a domain name and and updating your domain settings. Take it away Stefan…   Hello Everyone, Stefan with ClickHOST here and today I’m going to show you […]

Use BackupBuddy to Move Your WordPress Site


Moving (Migrating) an Entire Site to Another Directory or Server BackupBuddy makes moving an entire WordPress site to another server easy. We are going to move this demo site from one web host account (server) to our ClickHOST hosting account (server). Let’s work through the steps together. First, we prepare our mise en place the same way a professional chef organizes and arranges all the ingredients required for the menu they will prepare during dinner service. You need the login details for your ClickHOST server account to upload files.  It doesn’t matter whether you gain access via the cPanel login or by using an FTP […]

Enabling CloudFlare for Security and Speed

CloudFlare Certified Partner

ClickHOST is now a CloudFlare Certified Partner and offers the basic free CloudFlare service to all customers! The CloudFlare content delivery network takes advantage of recent changes to hardware, server technology and network routing to deliver an easy-to-set-up,  affordable and high-performance CDN that reduces hops and lowers latency for visitors to your website.  CloudFlare’s popularity is undisputed as they claim over 25% of the Internet’s population regularly passes through their network. CloudFlare essentially does two things for ClickHOST customers: Makes your website more secure Makes your website faster Once you activate CloudFlare in your ClickHOST account, your website becomes even […]

How to Schedule a Google Hangout in 3 Easy Steps

Start a Hangout

At the coffee house, after school, at the gym, in the lobby.  It’s what people do…They hang-out!  They socialize, exchange information and build relationships.  But, how do you do that when your friend lives in another city?  Or, your client is in another state?  Or, your co-worker works in another country?  You Hang-out! Google+ offers a great way to connect with family, friends, and colleagues with Google Hangouts.  Hangouts let up to 9 people video-converse at once and opens up the viewing for as many people as you want.  Additionally, you can save the chat onto YouTube for viewing anytime. […]

Many Flavors of WordPress Backup. Which is your favorite?

WordPress backup options

When it comes to a backup for your WordPress website, there are as many options are there are flavors of Popsicles, but choosing the right one is like standing in front of the freezer section, and wondering which one will taste best.  VaultPress, XCloner, DropMySite, Better WP Security, BackWPup, BackupBuddy… There are so many choices. Do you commit to the expensive one, hoping that it is worth the price?  Do you start with the cheaper one, hoping after you commit to the economical choice that you will love it?  And every day, more and more options are available. Just when you think that you have made a single choice, you wonder if […]

How to Install WordPress

WordPress login

Installing WordPress is simple Guest post by Vicki Templet — newbie WordPress user. WordPress is not only a great choice for a content management system, but it is very simple to install.  Now the term “simple” may offer various definitions based upon your experience. Yesterday, I bought a new ceiling fan.  The box said “Simple to Install,” so I decided to give it a try. After all, how hard can it be to install a $68 remote-controlled fan?  Five hours later, my arms were killing me, I dropped a little screw from the ceiling onto the bed below, where it […]