Security Risk! Multiple Web Sites on One Hosting Account


Multiple websites on one hosting account can be a security risk I wanted to bring to light a security risk that you may be taking and not even know it…having multiple websites on one hosting account. What is the big deal? Now, you may be wondering–what is the big deal?  I can have unlimited domains under my ClickHOST BETTER Hosting Plan.  And, you can…but, what generally happens is you have one “good” site that represents your business.  This site drives traffic to your on-line presence.   You love and care for this site; it is your baby.  Then you add another […]

Do I need an SSL certificate on my website?


In our world of online shopping, online invoicing, membership logins and unscrupulous hackers, having a SSL certificate for your site is more important than ever!   As your customer’s sensitive information is passed over the World Wide Web, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates provide a visual indicator that your website is legitimate and secure. How do SSLs work? SSL Certificates encrypt sensitive information sent over the Internet ensuring its receipt to the correct destination server.   As usernames, passwords, credit card numbers or other confidential information is passed online, the information becomes readable making it easy for identity thieves or other hackers […]

Why Securing Your Passwords Saves Lives

Loose Lips Sink Ships

Have you ever heard of the saying “Loose Lips Sink Ships”? If you’re from the Greatest Generation then you definitely know how important this is! If you’re a younger generation, the meaning behind the phrase originated in WWII. It was prevalent on propaganda posters urging Americans to be careful about what they say because sensitive information could cause great harm to our soldiers’ lives. The reality was that when it comes to security, you could never be too safe. This analogy applies to your online presence today. Security of your online accounts is absolutely critical and it’s the reason I am diverting […]

Why is my IP Blocked?!

Oops My IP is blocked

If you have a website or email through a hosting provider, chances are you will or have received an IP Address Block.  While this may seem annoying at the time, this is really implemented for your online protection and security. ClickHOST uses IP address blocks on the web server firewall to prevent hacking, spamming or other attacks on your hosting account and other services.   There are several reasons why your IP could be getting blocked, like if we see large volumes of emails sending or receiving from your account, or we find malware on your site or other untrusted activity. […]

8 Reasons Hosting Matters More in 2014…

Parachuting Server

Now where did I host that site? You may have signed up for hosting on the fly when you purchased your domain. Or forgotten exactly who you hosted with. Or like most people your thoughts and fantasies during the day don’t usually encompass your hosting company. Are you host aware?  Some business owners and bloggers go through their digital lives without paying respects to the unseen force behind their precious online assets. Like electrical power, the temptation is to take it for granted. But with hosting, the lights may not always come back on when you flick the switch after […]

Three Must-Do Tips for a More Secure WordPress Site

Secure WordPress websites

Is your WordPress site being targeted by brute force attack? Have all the events of this past week got you wondering, “What in the world is going on?”  Trouble seems to have been delivered in the combo-pack, and it leaves us wondering how prepared we really are for pending disasters. In the midst of it all, nearly a hundred thousand WordPress sites came under brute force attacks beginning April 11.  While it first seemed to be just a blip, within 24 hours, it was obvious that a full-scale attack of unsuspecting websites had fallen prey to a botnet.  Through internet-connected […]

FREE Malware and hacking monitoring for all our customers

Sucuri - Malware monitoring and removal

At ClickHOST the security of your website is one of our driving passions. We hate spam, malware and hacking. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prevent a website from being hacked. If a hacker wants in, he will find a way in. We can however, monitor a website for suspicious activity. We can then take quick action to stop the malware from spreading. As part of our security strategy we keep a number of backups of our customers’ data, including a backup to a remote server. In the worst case we can always recover from a previous backup. Free malware […]

Mayhem Lurks. How to Come Back from a Hacker Attack!


Your small business website is working great.  Your personal website now features a WordPress blog. Whether it is a personal website or a small business website, you have invested time, talent, and money in creating a website. Hopefully, you have made the decision to use ClickHOST for simple hosting or WordPress hosting. But you may not realize that Mayhem lurks around every dark corner.  Maybe it is a hacker, ready to pounce on your unprotected site just for kicks (the recent breach is a good example).  Or maybe it is a clever parasite, called malware, that has already wormed […]

Three sure fire ways to prevent being hacked!

Hacker Alert!

If a hacker wants to access your site, then it is almost impossible to prevent him/her from doing this. Just ask, Sony and digital security firm, RSA. BUT, don’t leave the door open like most people do. Let me share the secret now: Use a password generator to generate a secure password and then use a password storage program to recall your passwords. It is impossible to remember many secure passwords. Use technology to help you! The biggest reason that websites get hacked isn’t weak server security or necessarily very sophistication hackers, but 50% of the time it is because of […]