3 Non-Negotiable Elements for Small Business SEO Success

3 Non-Negotiable Elements for Small Business SEO Success

What activities bring website traffic and leads to your website? Email marketing? Social media? Referral traffic? Directory listings? Would search engine optimization (SEO) be one of those activities? If the answer is “I WISH!,” know you’re not alone. SEO is one of the most coveted, yet most elusive, ways to bring in qualified traffic and visitors to your site. The problem is, it’s often pretty confusing to implement due to misinformation, myths, and misunderstandings that run rampant. However, all hope is not lost. 3 Core SEO Elements to Success As a former-freelance copywriter-turned-SEO-Consultant, I empathize. While SEO woes cannot be […]

How to Schedule a Google Hangout in 3 Easy Steps

Start a Hangout

At the coffee house, after school, at the gym, in the lobby.  It’s what people do…They hang-out!  They socialize, exchange information and build relationships.  But, how do you do that when your friend lives in another city?  Or, your client is in another state?  Or, your co-worker works in another country?  You Hang-out! Google+ offers a great way to connect with family, friends, and colleagues with Google Hangouts.  Hangouts let up to 9 people video-converse at once and opens up the viewing for as many people as you want.  Additionally, you can save the chat onto YouTube for viewing anytime. […]

Three Must-Do Tips for a More Secure WordPress Site

Secure WordPress websites

Is your WordPress site being targeted by brute force attack? Have all the events of this past week got you wondering, “What in the world is going on?”  Trouble seems to have been delivered in the combo-pack, and it leaves us wondering how prepared we really are for pending disasters. In the midst of it all, nearly a hundred thousand WordPress sites came under brute force attacks beginning April 11.  While it first seemed to be just a blip, within 24 hours, it was obvious that a full-scale attack of unsuspecting websites had fallen prey to a botnet.  Through internet-connected […]

3 things I learned at my First WordCamp

2013 WordCamp Atlanta Schedule

My first WordCamp – Atlanta, March 2013 Post by Rhonda Pugh — ClickHOST Web & Support specialist. My first WordCamp, I didn’t know what to expect.   I found it to be an open forum of sharing and networking.  Regardless of your expertise, you can increase your knowledge of WordPress from navigating the Dashboard to sophisticated design.   Being fairly new to WordPress myself, it was a great learning opportunity.  Let me share a couple of points that I learned: Tip #1: Choose your WordPress Theme wisely It is important to find a Theme that has the “bones” of what you need for your […]

Three Tips to Earn Money and Rewards with ClickHOST

Earn ClickHOST Website Hosting credits and rewards

Are you a coupon clipper?  Maybe you are a cyber coupon master with a separate email address just for coupon deals. Let’s face it. Saving money is an art these days.  Good news!  ClickHOST brings you three tips to help you earn money and win prizes! Tip #1:  Update your ClickHOST profile to earn a $5 reward credit! What could be easier?  Simply log into your customer account, review (and update if necessary) your contact information, and you will automatically receive a $5 credit on your ClickHOST account to use for future charges. FIVE DOLLARS is just waiting for you! […]

Three Tips to Faster Blog Writing

Faster blog writing

On your mark. Get set…. BLOG! You know that your site will have more traffic and search better if you have fresh, exciting content that changes frequently, but honestly, who has the time to devote to this task while still trying to run a business?  Ah, guilt! This reminds me of exercise.  I despise exercise.  It just seems like a huge waste of time and energy that could be spent on something much more productive.  If I’m going to have sore muscles, there had better be a great lawn or some furniture moved or something tangible to show for it. […]

Many Flavors of WordPress Backup. Which is your favorite?

WordPress backup options

When it comes to a backup for your WordPress website, there are as many options are there are flavors of Popsicles, but choosing the right one is like standing in front of the freezer section, and wondering which one will taste best.  VaultPress, XCloner, DropMySite, Better WP Security, BackWPup, BackupBuddy… There are so many choices. Do you commit to the expensive one, hoping that it is worth the price?  Do you start with the cheaper one, hoping after you commit to the economical choice that you will love it?  And every day, more and more options are available. Just when you think that you have made a single choice, you wonder if […]

How to Install WordPress

WordPress login

Installing WordPress is simple Guest post by Vicki Templet — newbie WordPress user. WordPress is not only a great choice for a content management system, but it is very simple to install.  Now the term “simple” may offer various definitions based upon your experience. Yesterday, I bought a new ceiling fan.  The box said “Simple to Install,” so I decided to give it a try. After all, how hard can it be to install a $68 remote-controlled fan?  Five hours later, my arms were killing me, I dropped a little screw from the ceiling onto the bed below, where it […]

Small business websites: 3 tips for a more engaging website


As small business websites become more and more important in the overall marketing strategy, businesses are always looking for new ways to capture the short attention span of visitors and keep them coming back for more. Below are three of the main factors to establishing a website that is engaging, informative, and functional. This is especially important for small business website development.   Tip 1: Clean, uncluttered design There is nothing worse than a viewer landing on your website only to find themselves digging through unnecessary content to unveil the important information. This unnecessary information, or clutter, can come in the form of advertisements, […]

Three Tips to Avoid Domain Name Scams

DROA Domain name scam 2

Domain name scams are lurking around every corner. Whether you are new or experienced in creating websites, you are the target of clever ploys to snatch your ideas, and empty your wallet.  While you may have already made some of these costly mistakes, you need to be aware of these three tips to avoiding domain name scams so you can avoid problems in the future.   Tip 1:  Don’t bite on clever junk mail It may look legit, but that piece of mail that looks like an invoice for your domain name is probably a clever Domain Name Scam like […]