Tips for naming your domain

  • If it is available, it is best to have your domain name the same as your company or product name. If your exact company name is not available then get a name that is as close as possible.
  • If you cannot get your company name, then make sure your domain name includes an important keyword.
  • Make your domain name as short as possible.
  • Your domain name should also match the content of your website.
  • Try not to use digits in your domain name, however sometimes it works well. is a very successful internet company.
  • Be careful to not use so called free domain search websites. These websites sometimes buy the domains you search for and then try to sell it to you at a higher price. This tactic is called DNFR (domain name front running). We don’t do this.
  • Use ClickHOST’s domain checker to find a domain name.
  • Use ClickHOST’s whois page to find the owner of an existing domain name.
Type in your domain name and let our search tools provide you with the options available.

Domain Name – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I register a domain name with ClickHOST without hosting a website with you?

Yes, absolutely. Use our domain checker to find a domain and buy it from us.

Do I have to buy my domain name from ClickHOST to host my website with you?

No, but we prefer that you do. You can have your domain name registered with another company and host your website with us.

How much does a domain name cost?

Our domain pricing starts at $17.95/year for most domain names including the most common domains .com, .net, .org. Our .ca domains are $24.99/year. Some domain names are more expensive like the new .co domain names, at $49.99/year.

Can I get a FREE domain name with my hosting plan?

Yes! If you prepay for a year’s hosting with our BETTER and BEST plans, we pay for your domain for a year. This applies when you buy a new domain name or transfer a domain name from another company. This includes domains .com, .net and .org ($17.95 value) and .ca ($24.99 value).

I am a domain investor. Can ClickHOST manage my domains for me?

Yes, however there are companies that exclusively focus on investment domain management.

Do I own the domain name?

Yes! It is your domain name. If you ever decide to cancel your hosting service with ClickHOST, then you can keep your domain name with us OR transfer it to a new company.

How do I transfer my domain name to ClickHOST?

Be sure to unlock your domain and request an authorization code from your existing registrar. Then use the authorization code to transfer your domain to ClickHOST when you sign up for a hosting plan. If you don’t know how to do this then send us an email:

How do I transfer my domain name away from ClickHOST?

Be sure to unlock your domain and request an authorization code from your MY DOMAIN area of your account before you initiate your transfer to the new company.

Will ClickHOST renew my domain name each year?

Yes, under certain conditions. ClickHOST provides ways to make this easy for you. If your domain name is set to AUTO RENEW, and we have a valid credit card on file for you then we will automatically renew your domain name on the renewal date. We will send you reminder notices 60, 30, 7 and 1 day before your domain name expires. Remember, you are the owner of the domain name and responsible to renew it.

Do you have any promotions on domain names?

From time to time, we’ll run special promotions on domain names. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook then you’ll be in the know about any special promotions we do.