FREE Malware and hacking monitoring for all our customers

At ClickHOST the security of your website is one of our driving passions. We hate spam, malware and hacking. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prevent a website from being hacked. If a hacker wants in, he will find a way in. We can however, monitor a website for suspicious activity. We can then take quick action to stop the malware from spreading. As part of our security strategy we keep a number of backups of our customers’ data, including a backup to a remote server. In the worst case we can always recover from a previous backup.

Free malware and hacking monitoring

Today, we are very excited to announce a partnership with With this partnership all our customers get FREE malware and hacking monitoring. You don’t need an account with Sucuri. We manage everything for you and will notify you if we see anything suspicion on your website. This also includes letting you know if the software on your website is outdated.

Malware removal

Our BEST plan customers get free unlimited malware cleanups. We will notify our BASIC and BETTER plan customers if we see anything suspicion. They can then opt to remove the malware themselves OR we can do it for $20 per incident only $3.50/month. You can order malware cleanup here.

WordPress security plugin

You can also download and install a special security plugin for WordPress. This plugin from Sucuri offers additional protection for WordPress websites. You can email our support team to get a special key to activate the plugin. The plugin offers the following features:

  • Web Application Firewall. Block attacks before they reach your site.
  • Integrity Monitoring. Receive notifications if any of your files are modified.
  • Audit Logs. Keep track of everything that happens inside WordPress, including new users, posts, login failures and successful logins.
  • Activity Reporting
  • 1-click Hardening. Easy-to-use hardening options for your site.

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If you are not a ClickHOST customer then you can sign up here:
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    This is amazing. You guys always seem to proactive about things like this which is why I continue to recommend you. I’ve used a number of other providers before, but you always manage to impress me by offering great solutions. I’ve been reading recently about a number of different hacking attempts, etc so this is a welcome improvement.

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