Three Ways to Increase Blog Comments in WordPress


So you have learned how to start a WordPress blog, you have chosen ClickHOST for the best WordPress blog hosting, (if not, click here get started), and now comes the million dollar question…  How do you increase blog comments?  Today, we offer three tips to help you with the care and feeding of your visitors, that will in turn increase blog post comments!  It all starts with great content.  Then you need to get out of your shell.  And don’t forget to be a friend, not a know-it-all expert!  Try these three tips, and then let us know what you have changed about your blog, and if you noticed improved conversation with your readers, i.e., increased blog comments.

 1.  Choose Great Content that Begs for a Blog Comment

Ask a thousand bloggers what makes content great, and you will get a thousand answers.  But really, it all boils down to one very important word – RESONATE!  Without going into the physics of that term (ewwh), it’s all about wavelength. Yes, make sure that you are on the same wavelength with your readers.  Think of these three things:

  • Are they interested in your topic?  Know you reader, search for the content they are viewing, and learn from their comments.
  • Is your writing style like that of your readers?  Unless you are Hemingway, your personal style doesn’t matter at all.  Use correct grammar, vary your sentence structure, choose words like a poet would, but in the end, make sure that the voice you use resonates with your reader.  The best way to learn the voice of your reader is to actually read what they are writing.
  • Create an editorial calendar.  At least five weeks at a time, create a plan for your topics, and then stick with the plan.  If once-a-week posts are all you can muster, that’s fine, but stick with the plan.  Make sure that your content is varied.  If the post is informational, ask what questions does this raise.  If the post is full of opinion, ask readers to weigh in with their thoughts.  And text alone is boring.  Make sure that you include photos and graphics to illustrate and draw attention to your content.



2.  Get out of your shell and post comments on other blogs

For a moment, let’s remember our preschool days, sharing the sandbox with our classmates.  Some of the same dynamics of making friends applies to your WordPress blogging friends, too.  If you bring your own bucket and shovel, and never ask anyone else to play, chances are pretty good that the other kids are going to let you dig all alone.  Get out there, both virtually and personally.  Put this high on your to-do list… create a spreadsheet of all the blogs you can find that are similar to yours in content, and read them regularly.  Better yet, comment regularly. Get to know the movers and shakers, the people of influence, who others have come to know and trust.  What draws readers to comment on their posts?  Take advice from the middle school counselor.  “If you want have a friend, then find someone that you like, and be nice to them.”  If you have a business blog, knowing these people of influence becomes very important. These can be your focus group or your new-product fans.  Find the friends, and cultivate the friendships.  Don’t forget your personal contacts, too.  Once you have good virtual and personal relationships identified, don’t be shy.  Ask them to read your blog, and ask them to comment if they are so inclined.  And when they do, don’t forget to comment back, and do the same for their blogs.

3.  Smile and play nicely.

Remember that the basic rules of friendship apply even in the virtual world of blogging.

  • Don’t throw sand – keep everything you say positive.
  • Like others – Yes, click “Like” often, and make your comments say, “I think that you are great, and smart, and creative, and clever, and…” You get the picture!
  • Being unique doesn’t mean being weird – There is a fine line between being a trendsetter and just being strange.  If you are going a new direction, and there doesn’t seem to be a line following you, chances are good that you need to fine-tune your approach.
  • Most of all, be approachable –  This means that you need to be a real person with questions sometimes, and a need for what the readers have to say.  Don’t always be the first to have all the right answers.  Everyone needs to feel important and valued, even the reader.  This means that whenever anyone comments on your blog, you always, always, reply with an acknowledgement.


Bonus tips

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And finally, never forget to ask for blog comments.

Thank you for reading this, and we know that you have great ideas to add to these three tips.  Help us get a conversation going here about things you have done to find success in building reader interaction, especially unique ways you use to increase blog comments!


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