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Email Settings (POP3 - Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.)

Checking your email on our new servers involves a couple of small changes to how you connect.

Your POP3 Incoming Mail Server should now be: Mention your server hostname here [ (or) (or) (or) (or) ]

Your username is now your full email address (you@your_domain_name_here)
Your password should be the same

Your Outgoing Mail Server will remain set to your Internet Service Provider (Rogers, Shaw, etc.) or you can Mention your server hostname here [ (or) (or) (or) (or) ]

Remember to choose to Authenticate yourself when sending mail (e.g. Outgoing Mail Server requires authentication) by entering in you ISP username and password in the appropriate settings window of your email program.

If you get stuck, you can login to your control panel by going to www.your_domain_name_here/cpanel
From there you will be able to add/change/remove users and reset passwords.
There's even a Configure Outlook link that will help automatically set-up your email program to check your account correctly!

These articles are provided as a courtesy. Installing, configuring, and troubleshooting third-party email applications is outside the scope of support provided by ClickHOST. Please take a moment to review our Terms of Service

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