Subdomains, Addon Domains, and Parked Domains


A subdomain is of the format: and can point to a folder on your site or a page - even another domain.

To add this first log in to your control panel and click on the Subdomain button

On that page you will see a text box followed by a drop down box with your domain in it. In the text box, enter the subdomain you want (if you wanted to create you would type in forum) Then click Add.

To forward the subdomain to a specific place/page, select the subdomain below and click 'Setup Redirection' - On that page you will see a box starting with http://, in there enter in the full location you would like the subdomain to forward to following the instructions on the page. If you just want to have the subdomain forward to a folder on your site, type in the full address you want it to go to and click Save. You will notice back at the Subdomains page that your subdomain is listed at the top and in brackets it will list where it is being redirected.

By default, a subdomain will point to a folder in your public_html directory with the same name.

Addon Domains

An addon domain allows you to have a domain name point to a folder or subdomain on your site. For example, if you owned the domain name you could have it display the contents of

To add one of these you will first need to own an additional domain to have added - and make sure to have the domain name's DNS Nameservers pointing to:

Once that has been set up, log into your control panel and click on the 'Addon Domains' icon. On that page is the form to set up the addon domain, which is treated like its own hosting account.

Enter the domain name in the format: domain.ext (leave out the http:// and www - for example, Then enter the username/subdomain/directory name you want to have access to it, and then enter a password for the new 'account' and click 'Add Domain!'.

You can also set up redirection for your addon domains on the same page to send the domain to a specific location within your site.

Parked Domains

Parked domains are similar to our previous 'Pointed Domains' addon - they simply point an additional domain name to your main site. For example, if you owned and you could have them both take visitors to the same location.

Similar to an Addon domain, you will need to own the domain name already and have the DNS Nameservers pointing to:

To then add the pointed domain, log in to your control panel and click on the Parked Domains icon. On that page just enter the domain name in the text box in the format domain.ext (such as and click 'Add Domain'.

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