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Excite Email

If you've had problems with email not arriving from address, or you are having issues sending to an address, the problem is a result of blocking the IP address of the server your site is hosted on.

These blocks are done as a result of a Spam complaint.

Does that mean ClickHOST supports Spammers? NO!

Sending out a simple newsletter or sales letter can result in a Spam complaint. So be careful!

Occasionally we will have some clients who are, in fact, spamming. Those clients lose their sites immediately and we delete all files.

The blocks at should only last 48 hours on average.

We know this is an inconvenience, unfortunately, is willing to sacrifice legitimate emails belonging to their clients in order to appease complaints about Spam.

Yes, like you, we think it's a ham-fisted way of dealing the problem.

We apologize for any hassles's policy may cause.

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