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Emails not sending - Rogers Email Issue

If you are using an e-mail client other than Webmail
AND you are connected to the Internet using Rogers,
AND people are not receiving your emails, read on....

Rogers has changed their policy regarding sending email from non-rogers email accounts.

In short,
Configure your email client to send mail using SMTP on an alternate port (not 25)
If that doesn't work, try using the authenticated Rogers Yahoo! SMTP servers (Note that you will require a valid or email address)

See Roger's article on what to do:

Since writing this article, ROGERS has hidden the information on how to do this.

Here's what you have to do:

- Login to your ROGERS Email Account here:
(use your ROGERS username and password)

- Then click on the MAIL link in the left menu

- Then click OPTIONS on the far right top side

- Then click MAIL ACCOUNTS

- Then click ADD and enter in your web site (YOUR domain name) email address and following instructions

Then once that process is complete you should be authorized to send email as coming From your web site email address instead of a email address.

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