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Starting a new Website - here's what you should know.

This is for you first timers who want to build a website, but have no idea what you need to do to set everything up properly.

It's much easier when you know what you're talking about, so here's the information you need to look smart....

Register a Domain Name
This is going to be your website name.
You can order a Domain Name from any certified Registrar or Reseller (like
Domain Names are paid for by the year.
You can pay one year at a time, or purchase multiple years at once.

Order a Web Hosting Account
This is where your website files are going to be stored.
You can order a hosting account from anyone with a big server and the right software (like
Hosting Accounts are often paid for by the month, but you can also pay by the year.

You need both the Domain Name registration and the Web Hosting Account to make a website work.

If you forget to pay for one of these services, the other one won't be able to work on it's own.

Some companies (like allow you to order both these items at the same time for convenience,
but REMEMBER that you've actually order 2 separate items.

Build a Website
If you know HTML, then you can probably get something up and running on your own.
If you don't have a clue, hire a web developer to build something for you.
Websites are not cheap, so a little knowledge can take you a long way - learn some HTML if you have the time.

Depending on who you choose for a Web Host, the actual spot (or directory) where your website files are stored will be different.
If your Web Host is using a Linux server (like then your files are stored in the public_html directory.
If your Web Host is using a Windows server, then you need to go to the wwwroot directory.
Your Web Host will send you the information you need when you signup with them.

Update your Website
So, say you actually got something working, but you need to make a small change.
How do you do that?
Many Web Hosts provide you with software to control your website. uses cPanel, which is a lovely control panel for Linux users.
When you login to cPanel, you'll see you can do lots of things that you didn't know about like:
  • Setup Email Accounts

  • Look at your Website Statistics

  • Control security for your website

  • Setup Databases

  • Access built-in software to use like Blogs, Shopping Carts, Photo Galleries and much more...

It's worth logging in to see what you can do, but I digress....

To update your Website, you'll need to access the File Manager (a directory of files) where your website files are stored.
In cPanel, you click the "File Manager" icon - just hit the GO button.
What you'll see is a directory listing on the server where your website is stored.
Look for the main directory of the website (public_html for Linux, wwwroot for Windows, etc....)
The main (or Home) page of your website can only have one name.
For Linux users, that name is "index.html".
Every other file is the same name as what you see when you click on that page in your Internet Browser (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Safari, etc...)
Click on the file you need, and edit it. (In File Manager, click the "Edit" icon at the top)
REMEMBER, this is html or some other website programming language, so be careful you don't delete something important that looks insignificant.
Just search for what you want to change, change it, save it and your website is updated.

There is so much more you need to know if you want to go further, so check into a few articles on:
Updating your website via FTP
Built-in Scripts for your website

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