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Backing Up Your Data
Having a copy of your site files on your own computer can be very useful in case something...
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Can I register a domain name and have it point to a folder/directory in my current site?
Yes you can! This would count as an Add-On domain - just click on that section in your control...
Views: 1694
Can I use Frontpage to publish my website?
Yes, go ahead and use Frontpage. Check that your Frontpage extensions are installed in cPanel...
Views: 629
Can you tell me about your perl path, the actual path to my CGI-BIN folder?
The path to perl on our servers is: #!/usr/bin/perl You can place CGI scripts in any folder...
Views: 1196
Can't Access your site? or Oops, your IP address is blocked
If you cannot access your site from your computer, but can access it from other locations, you...
Views: 2276
Do I have access to my log files?
You sure do. Each morning all access, FTP and Mail logs are updated and you have access to all of...
Views: 1212
How can I check my site usage or site space?
When you login to your cPanel account, you can see all your account information including...
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How do I clear my DNS cache?
Clearing Your DNS Cache Windows® XP, 2000, or Vista® - Open the Start menu. - Go to Run....
Views: 521
How do I set-up the Search-Plus script?
Simple Search allows you to integrate a keyword and boolean search program into your site so that...
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I have never used Linux before so I don't know if I can manage my website.
All our hosting plans do not require you to have knowledge of the operating system. For the...
Views: 640
I need to use PHP5 - what do I do?
Some of our servers are still running PHP4. Because many of our customers rely on PHP4 for their...
Views: 645
I've lost my password, what can I do?
Submit a ticket at our help desk, and we will let you know what your missing password is. The...
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Moving to ClickHOST from Your Old Host? Read This
Here are some great tips on what you should do before you shut down your account at your old host...
Views: 811
We've recently installed PHPSUEXEC on some of our servers, those of you who run pHp based sites...
Views: 2306
Site Admin Control Panel
You now have incredible control over your site! The old /siteadmin address no longer works and...
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What does CHMOD mean?
Follow this link to a resource page that will explain CHMOD and its mysteries!....well, it's not...
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What is Joomla?
The technical answer to the question "What is Joomla?" is: "Joomla is an Open Source Content...
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What is the Directory Path to my account?
Some CGI scripts may ask you for the Directory Path to your account. It is as follows:...
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What is the path to Perl?
Views: 1070
What version of Perl is running on the servers?
You can view the exact version of perl and other services by logging into your control panel...
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Will I be able to upload my web site using Microsoft Publisher? And if so, how do I do it?
Yes, you can publish your web site designed on Microsoft Publisher to our servers. You can...
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