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You just. Want. A website. Just a simple website! Yet, everywhere you go to find out how to build one has all this… this… stuff! Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a single page that had all you need to know about starting one? Wouldn’t a simple hosting and website creation outline be wonderful? Step into our parlor and grab some quick learning!

Creating a Simple One-Page Website (5 Steps)

The type of site you want to build makes all the difference in the world on how simple it can actually be (which goes a long way toward explaining why so much information exists on how to create a website). For example, a website with only one page is extremely easy to find hosting for, create and publish. It just doesn’t take that much, even for people who have no coding skills. If this is all you’ll need, here are your steps:

  1. Go to W3Schools to learn the basics of CSS and HTML (not much of a learning curve to create a basic, one page site).
  2. Using an HTML editor like Notepad ++ (free) and the information gained from W3Schools, create your page (if you only have one page, it needs to be called index.html).
  3. Choose your domain name (approximately $18 – $20 per year).
  4. Order the Basic plan ($4.95 – $7.95 per month, depending on whether you pay in advance or not).
  5. Upload your HTML page, created in step 2, to your server.

Done! Of course, there will be some wait time, to adjust for learning, payment processing and site registration, but it’s that easy.

Um… – That Might Be TOO Simple of a Website

Okay, so you might need a little bit more than a single page. Understandable, but remember, there are literally hundreds of ways to create a site. The two ways we’re going to outline here describe the easiest ways to create a simple site – not the only.

Creating a Simple Personal or Business Website (3 Steps)

The differences between creating a personal site and creating a simple business site are few. In fact, the main difference is cost, because a business site, even a simple one, may need more space on the hosting server.

Simple Personal Hosting – Average cost, $80/year (if you prepay three years)

Uses: A personal website is typically used for online journals and blogs, virtual business cards (some examples of virtual business cards here) and small portfolios. Personal websites receive a low amount of traffic.

  1. Choose your domain name (approximately $18-$20 per year).
  2. Order the Basic plan ($4.95/month if you pay three years in advance, $7.95/month if you only pay one month).
  3. Read about WordPress hosting and have ClickHOST do the rest OR use RVSite Builder (free with ClickHOST hosting) to design your site.

Simple Business Hosting – Average cost, $108/year (with three year prepay)

Uses: A business website typically sells services or products, or makes money through affiliate marketing. Business websites grow to receive a large amount of traffic.

  1. Choose your domain name (free for the first year).
  2. Order the Better plan ($7.95/month if you pay three years in advance, $11.95/month if you only pay one month).
  3. Read about WordPress hosting and have ClickHOST do the rest OR use RVSite Builder (free) to design your site.

Creating a Simple Website On Your Own Isn’t So Simple

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking, “You guys are making fun…” However, the truth is, there really is no simple way to create a website. This is about as simple as it gets. There’s no easy way to explain how to create a website, either, even when you’re using WordPress (we have 20 How To Use WordPress videos so far, and more that could be added). You can even take college courses on WordPress.

If you really want to have a simple website with the least amount of fuss, you don’t need to know how to create that website. You need to know how to find a simple hosting provider that provides you the tools to create your website. A simple hosting provider:

  • Can help you match the needs of your website to the right hosting package.
  • Is willing to help you get the most out of your chosen hosting package.
  • Understands where you are with your knowledge level and can offer the support necessary for you to build your website.
  • Provides more than one offer, so your website has room to grow.
  • Provides security for your site once it’s built.

The biggest idea to grasp when it comes to finding a hosting provider is that they become silent partners in your online presence. It’s their job to support your website and provide the open avenues to grow when you’re ready. A good hosting provider works with you to help you meet your online goals. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.


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    I already have a website. What I need to learn is how to update it.I had it created by someone else, who has since turned it over to me to maintain. would word press be useful to me? I can’t get Front page to work. it won’t publish to the web. How can I transfer my site to something better?

    • says

      Pearl, yes, Frontpage is not supported by Microsoft anymore. We highly recommend WordPress. We can do it for you ($500) or we can install WordPress and then you can create it yourself. WordPress is easy to learn and use.

      Let us know if you have further questions.

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