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ClickHOST customer AllSouth Drywall Supply

An excellent website can be your company’s ticket to the big league!  Just ask Allsouth Drywall Supply who recently came to ClickHOST looking a for simple, easy-to-update website. 
“The goal was to gain more awareness for our business so that we could compete with much larger drywall supply companies,”

explains Jessica Yates of Allsouth Drywall Supply. “Integrating social media, a blog, and necessary service information was important. So ClickHOST listened to our needs, and then designed a perfect, professional website.”
Listen to what Jessica has to say about her excellent experience with ClickHOST:


Change is a good thing

For a website to search well and attract lots of traffic, it needs to be more than a stagnant web-based brochure, but changing content can be challenging if it can only be updated by an expensive webmaster.  A site with interesting, dynamic content garners more traffic and performs better in searches.  So for Allsouth Drywall Supply, they needed the ability to blog and update their website themselves.  ClickHOST came through, with a beautiful WordPress website, complete with a blog and links to their social media.

Blog.  People are waiting to hear what you have to say.

“On the first day the blog was posted, we had more website traffic than we had ever had before,” explained Jessica.  “With the professionalism validated by an excellent website, Allsouth Drywall Supply stands out.  ClickHOST had the perfect answer for website design needs.”

Now Jessica can easily create and post frequent blogs, and as their business needs change, the site can be easily modified by Allsouth.  Of course, if they ever need support, ClickHOST is the best. 

Your website can have it all!

Start thinking about your website needs?  Could your business benefit from a really great website, but you have no idea where to start?  Maybe you have heard stories from others who have paid way too much for site design that they don’t really love.  Or maybe you are like so many small businesses that feel trapped, with a website that was designed years ago and hasn’t changed a bit.  Unless you have the capabilities of modifying your own website content whenever you want, and affordably, then it is time to investigate a new solution.

“Where do I start?”

Find other sites that you like, then look for commonality to determine your style. Take a look at the Allsouth Drywall Supply site for a start. Now make a list of the features your business needs, like links to social media, an easy way for capture visitors’ contact information, online ordering, format for mobile viewing, a photo gallery, or a scrolling snapshot of customer testimonials.  Once you have some ideas in place, you are ready to get advice from the experts.

Are you ready for a great website?

Allsouth Drywall Supply and so many others are glad that they made the right decision in website hosting and design.  We are waiting to hear from you!

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