We love rewarding people who love us. Sign up for the ClickHOST Affiliate Program and we’ll do just that.

If you have been a ClickHOST customer and you’re ready to spread the word about our great service, the Affiliate Program is perfect for you. By using a unique URL provided upon sign-up, you will earn a commission from every referral who purchases a ClickHOST plan. It’s a win-win situation!

How much can I earn from referring my clients and friends to ClickHOST?

You will earn 20% from all web hosting income generated from a client you refer to ClickHOST.
For example, if you refer a customer to sign up for our annual BETTER plan, $144/year, you’ll earn $28.80!
For some of our products and services, we override this percentage to make it even more attractive for you to promote a specific service. We may also reduce this percentage on some products that are not eligible for an affiliate payout.

Do I get a bonus to sign up as an affiliate?

No, sorry, we don’t offer an affiliate sign up bonus at this time.

When will I receive my affiliate commissions?

90 days after you refer a customer to ClickHOST, and as long as the customer hasn’t cancelled their account. You can then request the commission balance to be paid out to you or apply it as a credit to your account. You need at least $10 in your account for a withdrawal.

I have more questions

If you have further questions, send us an email at affiliates@clickhost.com