WordPress website increased sales by 30%

WordPress website for DR Boyd Cleaning Services by ClickHOST.com

A WordPress website can increase your sales!  Just ask Rochelle Boyd who recently called upon ClickHOST to design a simple but elegant 3-page website for Boyd’s Cleaning Services.  “Our business was ready for the professionalism and permanence that a great website can offer.  For our line of work, referral business is key, so we wanted to make it easy for our current clients to share a comprehensive overview of our services. Helping new customers find us and contact us is essential. ClickHOST designed the perfect site, and our sales have increased 30% since the website launched!”

Your website validates your professionalism

Perhaps you are thinking that your business needs the communications benefits and professionalism that a website validates. The process is so simple and affordable when you choose ClickHOST to design and host your WordPress website.  Whatever your website requirements are, ClickHOST can help you choose a perfect theme.  Rochelle wanted her website to be pink, and it is pink, very pink!  Simple is the key.  All the information that a customer would need, like contact information and overview of the company services, are found on the home page.

Take it from Rochelle!

Watch this video to see what Rochelle has to say about ClickHOST’s customer service and ease of use.

WordPress themes make personalizing easy and affordable

By selecting ElegantThemes, ClickHOST could affordably customize her 3-page site to perform just as Rochelle requested. WordPress is the content management system that makes expensive custom designing and updating a thing of the past.  ElegantThemes allowed ClickHOST to affordably design the fully-featured Boyd’s Cleaning Services site. When browsing on a smart phone, simply click the company phone number shown in the header, and the number can dial automatically.  Functionality is assured when you choose ClickHOST to design your website.

Make sure new customers can find you

Equally important to site function is how well your site searches.  With WordPress, ClickHOST can make sure that potential customers can find your site easily through Google or other search engines.  For Boyd’s Cleaning Services, that means that a potential new customer can simply search the web, click the site, and then click the phone number!  New business pours in when communications is this simple.

Contact forms make the connection

For inquirers who prefer to send a written message, the Boyd’s Cleaning Services site uses a straight-forward contact form.  Information is collected easily and securely using captcha to fend off spammers.  Now Rochelle receives all the information she needs to turn a “request for information” into a new client. The results have been amazing.

Now business is booming

Rochelle reports that since the launch of their WordPress website, business is up 30%!  Let ClickHOST show you how a WordPress website can increase your sales, too.  ClickHOST will listen to what you want, and then find a WordPress theme that can be easily and affordably crafted into a perfect website for your business.  Having a website that validates your professionalism is easier and more affordable than you ever imagined. With ClickHOST’s excellent customer service, you can trust that they will be there to answer your questions. To stand out from the competition, your business needs to stand out as progressive and professional.  No business is too small to be able to afford a custom WordPress website designed by ClickHOST.  Just like Rochelle from Boyd’s Cleaning Services did, contact ClickHOST, and soon your site will be popping up on Google searches paving the way to increased sales!

ClickHOST has been an instrumental part of my business. My website helped my business grow by at least 30 to 35%.” — Rochelle Boyd of Boyd’s Cleaning Services

Rochelle, thank you for being such a cool (and very pink) customer! Click here to order one of our hosting plans:

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